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Granite Stone Candles
Granite Stone Candles represent the heart of our collection.  Whether you are adding a Feng Shui Earth Element to your home or office, or simply shopping for a unique and interesting house gift, a Rosebud Creek stone candle makes an impressive statement of your taste.

Each stone candle has been hand selected to be an attractive, welcome enhancement to any kitchen, bath, office or living area.  Each version has been shaped and finished for maximum artistic beauty. 

Purchase a Rosebud Creek stone candle as a house gift.  For the same price as a good bottle of wine or a tank of gasoline, a Rosebud Creek creation will surely impress your host.

Please review the photos below.  The collection represents a sampling of our stone candles. 

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               Highly veined marble makes a beautiful presentation.  The stone is difficult to work with but the result is very rewarding.


The piece highlighted above contains a high degree of quartz.  The end result is a sultry presentation certain to enhance the ambience of any occasion


                                                  This Stone will "Rock Your World"
One of our larger  offerings, the Five-Wick candle illustrated above measures nearly 32" X 7".  The support riser, barely visible, is natural finish red oak and provides an attractive line of sight when displayed as a dinner table centerpiece or on a fireplace mantle.
Below you will find recent Granite Stone Candle efforts. 
Please take special note of the "Rosebud" edge treatment.  This elegant finish is unique to Rosebud Creek and is incorporated in nearly all of our products.

                                                          Single-Wick Granite Stone Candle
                                                                              Double-Wick Granite Stone Candles

                                                          Triple-Wick Granite Stone Candles

                                                                               Four-Wick Granite Stone Candles

                                                           Five-Wick Granite Stone Candles

Filling and re-filling your stone candle

Carefully remove the glass insert and wick from the stone (do not remove the wick from the glass insert).  Place the funnel in the hole.  Slowly pour the oil (Rosebud Creek recommends only Ultra-Pure Paraffin Oil) into the funnel and allow the fuel to drain into the reservoir.  The reservoir will hold approximately 2 oz. of fuel when full---try not to overfill, but allow enough room for the wick to displace some of the volume.  replace the glass insert / wick twisting slightly as you slide it back in.  Ultra-Pure paraffin oil is available locally at most hobby and craft stores.

Never leave a burning candle unattended

Burning and caring for your stone candle

When the reservoir is (2/3 - 3/4) filled with oil your candle will burn approximately 4-6 hours, depending on the conditions (indoor or outdoor) and the height of the wick.  The candle is designed to burn all of the oil in the reservoir.  Unconsumed oil will continue to be absorbed by the wick and may result in a higher than anticipated flame at the next burning.  The excess oil will soon burn off, however, and you will be able to adjust the flame to your liking.  The height of the candle flame can be adjusted by allowing more or less of the wick to extend from the glass collar.  The more wick that is exposed, the higher the flame.  A high flame is best for burning outdoors, as it will not blow out as easily by the wind.  For indoor burning, you may prefer a shorter wick, which will provide a smoke-free flame.  If the flame smokes, the wick is too high.  Rosebud Creek Designs uses only fiberglass wicks which will last indefinitely.

As with all open flames, do not leave your home with the candle lit

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