Artistic Stone Candles for Office or Home Decor

Rosebud Creek is environmentally conscious

Rosebud Creek rescues and repurposes Granite, Marble, Quartz and other stone to be transformed into objets d'art.  Each piece is created with an eye toward enhancing your home or office. 

Creativity and Craftsmanship without peer

Rosebud Creek products are all personally selected by the artist, shaped and finished.  Our hand-made products typically contain a labor intensive edge treatment buffed to a 3000 grit polish.

You will take pride in ownership or be proud to give as a gift

Our Granite Candles and exotic Stone Candles reflect Home Decor with Pride in ownership and Thoughtfulness in giving at a Superb value.

Each piece is a One of One creation

Rosebud Creek produces single units of all its products.  Although some may appear to be similar, each piece is unique and cannot be repeated.   

Sold in retail galleries

We sell Rosebud Creek products through carefully selected retail galleries.  Please see below for a store near you.

Please do not hesitate to E-Mail Us Directly with any questions

Answers to FAQ

  • Use only "Ultra-Pure Paraffin Oil" as fuel
  • Fuel can be purchased at Lowe's, Michael's, Ace Hardware and other retail stores
  • Wicks are fiberglass.  They do not burn and will last indefinitely
  • Use the E-Mail "Contact" for Rosebud Creek replacement parts 
  • Rosebud Creek candles can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Please resist using glass cleaner.  Please do use granite countertop cleaner

Taking Rescued and Repurposed Stone to a Higher Level of Excellence


Richard Erickson is the Artist / Owner of Rosebud Creek Designs, L.L.C.

Richard began his creative journey with whimsical wood sculptures built for family and friends and at their encouragement, he offered his work for sale to the public.  Through much trial and error, experimentation and frustration, his interests evolved and settled on re-purposing granite countertop material.  He taught himself to cut, shape, polish and drill granite into Cheese Boards, Lazy-Susans and finally Stone Candles.  He has long since given up dumpster diving and now offers only upgraded Granite, Marble, Quartz and other natural stone.  Richard's exclusive polished edge treatment sets him apart from other stone candle makers.  He now devotes his time to making the most beautiful and exotic stone candle creations on the market today. 

We are pleased to offer Rosebud Creek products at the following Galleries

  • Blue Dolphin House                   Ephraim, Door County, WI
  • The Grasshopper                       Fredericksburg, TX
  • The Old Mill Store                      Wimberley, TX
  • La-Ti-Da                                       Marble Falls, TX
  • Courtyard Gallery                       Lindsborg, KS

Contact Us

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Rosebud Creek Designs World Headquarters

New Braunfels, TX 78132, US

(763) 772-5898

Legal Notice Purchase Contract

By purchasing any product of Rosebud Creek Designs, L.L.C. you (purchaser) agree that the limitations for any and all damages, fees, costs and expenses relating to, directly or indirectly caused by the use, misuse, ownership or handling of any product by Rosebud Creek Designs, L.L.C. is the purchaser's total and complete responsibility in every circumstance.  Purchaser assumes total and complete responsibility for any and all damages, and will hold harmless the manufacturer (Rosebud Creek Designs, L.L.C.), and hereby waives any and all tort or right of legal recourse in perpetuity.  Purchase of this product will be deemed acceptance and agreement to this binding, written, limited liability contract.