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Functional Art from the hands, back and brain of Richard Erickson .  Our offerings include Granite, Quartzite and Marble Candles, Granite Lazy-Susan Turntables, Granite Cheese Boards and other one of one (1/1) creations.  Each stone is personally selected by the artist with an eye toward the finished work of art.  Although one piece may have similar characteristics to another, each item has been hand crafted as a single unit. Virtually all of our products also include the "Rosebud" edge treatment, a very labor intensive hand finishing which further distinguishes Richard from other artists.  Each piece is deburred, and the top edge buffed to a high polish, using up to 3000 grit diamond discs.  We have yet to find another artist that takes such personal interest and effort.  Your purchases of his products are the only confirmation that you share Richard's sense of beauty and art.  


Let us enhance the Feng Shui in your home with an Earth Element from Rosebud Creek Designs.  Rosebud Creek offers the best value in functional stone art on the market today.


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