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Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers)
   Below you will find responses to questions associated with  Rosebud Creek Designs' products.  We try to address most of these through our gallery representatives to be answered first hand, but, we have found that  responding to them on our web site is the most efficient.

Artist Profile

Richard Erickson is the sole Artist / Owner of Rosebud Creek Designs, L.L.C.
with "World Headquarters" in  Rock Ridge, Texas, USA.  He is a self taught sculptor and his early efforts included wood carvings of whimsical topics.  After encouragement by family and friends, he decided to offer his efforts for sale, and through an evolutionary process has gravitated from wood to stone products.  He has been working in stone almost exclusively since 2010 and has taught himself (through trial and much error) to shape and polish granite, marble, and limestone.  Each piece is unique in shape, and includes a labor intensive edge treatment.  Every item is individually assessed for artistic value prior to being presented for sale, so you are guaranteed Richard's best effort at a reasonable price.  Richard has always had a social conscience.  He uses only stone that would otherwise be discarded to the land fill or languish in a granite fabricators inventory.  At first he literally "dumpster-dived" for remnants and discards but has since found it easier to purchase the material. 

Stone Candles:
Occasionally we have experimented with other material such as sandstone, limestone or even concrete, but the cornerstone of our candle products remains granite.
  • Rosebud Creek uses only fiberglass braided wicks and thermal glass sleeves that will last indefinitely.
  • A Funnel is provided with each candle for easy fill / refill.
  • Please see the Granite Stone Candle page on this web site for candle fill / refill procedure.
  • Heat     Even as the candle burns, the stone stays comfortable to the touch.  The thermal glass sleeve, however, will be hot.  When adjusting the wick height (flame height), blow out the flame, then simply wet the thumb and first finger prior to touching the sleeve, as you would when snuffing a candle.  The sleeve will quickly cool and you will be able to adjust the wick easily.
  •  Rain / water in the reservoir     In the event that water is introduced into the reservoir, remember that oil is less dense than water and will float.  Therefore the oil will continue to wick up the into the candle and  burn until the oil is exhausted.  At that point there will only be water left in the reservoir; turn the candle upside down and drain the water out, dry the wick, refill the reservoir and continue to enjoy your stone candle.
  • Rosebud Creek Stone Candles can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Fuel    Please use only Ultra-Pure Paraffin Oil as fuel whether indoors or outdoors.  We have found it to be the cleanest burning fuel available.  Other fuel / oils may cause irritation and unwelcome odors.  We have found that other scented fuels contain solvents that may react with the adhesive used on our Stone Candle reservoirsPlease use only Ultra-Pure Paraffin Oil on Rosebud Creek candles.  We cannot predict the performance of other fuels.  Ultra-Pure Paraffin oil is a  tried and proven fuel for our candles.                 
  • Ultra-Pure Paraffin Oil may be purchased at any number of hardware store or craft shops including:             Lowe's, Michael's, True Value, ACE Hardware.
  • Surface cleaning    Please resist the urge to use Windex or other glass cleaners on your Granite Stone Candle top surface.  We strongly urge you to use cleaners specifically designed to clean granite and marble.  You will be pleased with the results in cleanliness and renewed luster.
  • Replacement     Please use the E-mail feature on our "Contact" page for replacement stone candle components.

Component Pricing:
Fiberglas wick and glass tube assembly:  $5 / each assembly
Funnel price per each:   $3
Packaging and shipping depends on destination and size of shipment.

We do not ship fuel as it is generally available locally to our customers

All other Rosebud Creek " products will ship as quoted F.O.B. point of origin.


We use "Square" for internet purchases
Instructions are on the Contact page

Granite Lazy-Susans:

Most of our turntables are made of 3 CM (full thickness) granite.  This is the same thickness as your counter top (in most parts of the U.S.).  The majority of our turntables are less than 18" in diameter and are a free-form design with special edge treatment.
  • Our turntable bearings are made in the U.S.
  • Bearings are mechanically fixed to the Lazy-Susan.
  • We are very pleased to produce special turntables, and can ship to the most remote points on the globe (USPS, or FedEx)  Please use the E-Mail feature on the "Contact" page to inquire about price and lead time.
Cheese Boards and Trays:
Our cheese boards and trays are constructed from various thicknesses of material.  We give special care that the weight of the product is not excessive.
  • Knives     We have literally "sawed" on our granite pieces with serrated steel knives and found no adverse affects.  However, we recommend using the same care as you would when using knives on your granite counter top.  We are confident that the knife / spreader included with your cheese board will not be harmful.
  • Cooling your granite board in the refrigerator prior to presentation will keep your cheeses or appetizers fresh and cool.  Please do not place your granite product in a heated oven.

Granite Weight:
As a rule of thumb please use .12 Pounds / square inch when estimating the weight of our 3 CM thick products.  The final weight will be determined by the final actual geometry of the piece, but this is a handy tool when estimating for shipment.

We can ship to any location serviced by USPS or FedEx.  Virtually all products are priced exclusive of shipping cost.  Please use the E-Mail feature on the "Contact" page for shipping estimates, or contact the specific gallery the piece was purchased from (linked on the "Contact" page).    

Legal Notice Purchase Contract
By purchasing any product by Rosebud Creek Designs, L.L.C. you (purchaser) agree that the limitations for any and all damages, fees, costs and expenses relating to, directly or indirectly caused by the use, misuse, ownership, or handling of any product by Rosebud Creek Designs, L.L.C. is the purchaser's total and complete responsibility in every circumstance.  Purchaser assumes total and complete responsibility for any and all damages, and will hold harmless the manufacturer (Rosebud Creek Designs, L.L.C.), and hereby waives any and all tort or right of legal recourse in perpetuity.  Purchase of this product will be deemed acceptance and agreement to this binding, written, limited liability contract.