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Granite Lazy-Susans, Cheese Boards

Rescued and repurposed earth-elements welcome in any home include Rosebud Creek Granite Lazy Susan Turntables. Each piece is hand shaped and hand finished, mounted on a steel ball bearing turntable (Made in the USA).  We offer an ever-changing variety of colors, shapes and sizes in free-form designs, with our special edge treatment.  Rosebud Creek turntables are made from full thickness (3 CM) granite.

Rosebud Creek Lazy Susans; functional art at work every day under TV monitors, dining table condiments or favorite works of art (in our house we use one under the Scrabble game board).  There is a Rosebud Creek Lazy Susan to fit your purpose. Consider a Rosebud Creek product for your next wedding, anniversary or a house gift for that special gathering.  Rosebud Creek Lazy-Susans are an enhancement to any home or office.

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          Most Rosebud Creek "Lazy-Susans" are 12" - 16" in nominal diameter                      

                                                                             Special Made to Order
                             The "Lazy-Susan" shown above measures 24" in diameter and was shipped to Palm Springs, CA



Our turntables are American made and can support up to 700#. 
                   We use only (American Made) 9" diameter bearings      

Cheese Boards

Rosebud Creek Cheese Boards are typically hand shaped and hand finished from full thickness granite (3CM), with the special Rosebud Creek edge treatment.  Our typical cheese board measures approximately 8" X 10" and will compliment your granite counter top or be a welcome enhancement to your home, no matter what the surface.  Your granite cheese board will retain a cold temperature.  Simply put your cheese board in the refrigerator a short time before presentation.  Your guests will be pleased with how long the cheeses or spreads stay cool.

Consider a Rosebud Creek cheese board for that special occasion or as a simple and thoughtful house gift.


            Our Cheese Boards come equipped with an attractive Stainless Steel Spreader

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